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By Karin O’Flynn, President IWC The Hague.

If contemporary art is your passion and you have an interest in dance, the Korzo theatre is a great discovery. Hidden in a side street in the heart of The Hague center, you enter into a world of talent, inspiration and immense vitality.

I was made aware of the building during an architectural guided tour and what I found behind the walls, is worth more than a visit.  In fact, Korzo has really a reputation for not only being an adventurous venue in the old city center, but particularly being one of the largest producers for dance in the Netherlands and at the forefront of developments in the international world of dance.

Artistic director Leo Spreksel explains that in the field of the arts, Korzo has always made a strong case for seeking out, mobilizing, and supervising talent. Korzo also takes initiatives to foster new developments in the performing arts. From a vision regarding content, the team creates a fruitful relationship between production and presentation, and between different artistic disciplines.

IWC members had a chance to look behind the scenes and get a personal introduction to the work of Korzo’s artists. It was an exciting and memorable experience to witness the creation of one of the performances. Young choreographs such as Jasper van Luijk and David Middendorp demonstrated convincingly their talent and very personal viscontact ion of dance.

Korzo definitely one of The Hague´s jewels you would want to know.

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With a broad outlook, Korzo places this vision in an international context, and, at the same time, in dialogue with the audience. Presenting and producing work, Korzo is at the forefront of developments in the (international) world of dance. Inspiration, vitality, involvement, openness, diversity and encounter are of paramount importance, and are traits with which we try to bring out the best in the artists and their projects, in the audience, and in the organization itself. It all comes together in the beautiful renovated building Korzo calls home where festivals and tours by (inter)national dance companies stop by for a change to meet the audience.

Korzo, Prinsestraat 42, The Hague. Phone: 070-3637540.

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