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Is the EU worthy?

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Direct from the European Commission.
On 14 February 2014, the European Commission announced the results of the annual Eurobarometer for the Netherlands, which was organized during the first half of November 2013.
The study assesses this year in particular the attitude of citizens with respect to the EU and their views on the economic crisis: How effective these particular crisis measures taken by the EU? The economic crisis has reached its peak? Who can best take effective actions against the effects of the economic crisis? Further discusses the Eurobarometer, the usual questions about the rights of European citizens and information about the EU.
• More than half (56%) of the Dutch respondents believe that the EU contributes to improving the quality of life in Europe. This is above the average of European citizens (43%).
• 60% of Dutch respondents (and 55% on average in the EU) are of the view that the European Union will help to address. Global threats and challenges
• In terms of protection, the European Union too positively, 65% of the Dutch think that the European Union helps to protect its citizens.
• 61% of the Dutch are optimistic about the future of the European Union: this is even much higher than the average of European citizens (51%).
• 89% of the Dutch think that EU Member States should cooperate in taking measures against the crisis more. (EU28: 90%)
• 58% of the Dutch think that the European Union will ultimately emerge stronger from the crisis: (EU28: 54%)
• One third of the Dutch indicates that it is very or fairly goes well with the European economy, which is higher than the EU-28 average of 28%.
• 37% of the Dutch reply that it is the right direction in the EU (EU-28, 26%).
• More than half of the Dutch and Europeans give to feel a citizen of the European Union (U.S. 58%, EU-28, 59%).
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