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Sculpture tour Westbroekpark

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On Thursday afternoon, the 26th of June, the head of the department Scheveningen, Mendy van Veen, members of ART&JAZZ and the board of ART&JAZZ visited the magnificent Westbroekpark. The beautiful weather, the blooming roses, and the fine sculptures in the park made the visit a special moment.

The occasion of the visit for ART&JAZZ has been the creation of the new version in two languages of the booklet “Sculpture tour Westbroekpark”. In this booklet you find all the sculptures described and represented. With the booklet it is possible to make a perfect tour through the park enjoying the sculptures and at the moment the roses. It is also possible tot do the tour with a guide of ART&JAZZ.

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During this walk of the 26th of June Wiebe Dekker, president of ART&JAZZ, offered the new booklet to Mendy van Veen as a token of gratitude for the support of the department Scheveningen for the work of ART&JAZZ. We followed though this afternoon on a terrace of the Waterkant, enjoying a nice cup of tea.

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