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Denny Wirawan  showed Sumba Weaving and Tuty Cholid displayed batik & jumputan at the fashion show “Persembahan Anak Negeri” at Indonesian Anniversary diplomatic reception

The Hague, 20 August 2014. Two top Indonesian designers, Denny Wirawan and Tuty Cholid took part in the  Indonesian 69th Independence Anniversary Diplomatic Reception at the Kurhaus Hotel in The Hague and a series of BNI’s special events organised by  The Pride of Indonesian Heritage, a Corporate Community Responsibility (CCR) program to support the creative industry from Kampoeng BNI’s trained partners in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries (Swiss, Belgium, Germany and others). Both designers showed their top collections in Persembahan Anak Negeri Fashion Show.

During the Diplomatic Reception at The Kurhaus Steigenberger  Hotel Tuti Cholid showed her Batik and Jumputan collections, while Denny Wirawan displayed 12 Sumba Weaving designs.

Denny Wirawan said, “In the Diplomatic Reception and The Pride of Indonesian Heritage, I display the Sumba Weaving in the form of jacket and coat collections. I fell in love with Sumba weaving and at the moment training the craftsmen there. They are Sumba craftsmen, a BNI’s trained partners.” Denny explained that Sumba Weaving is a heritage with high philosophy value. This fabric is used in many traditional ceremonies, birth, death, and horse race. It took 2 months to prepare the Ready to Wear, deluxe, wearable and mix & match concept. The collections displayed are ethnic modern collection that can be worn as day wear and evening wear. To be more modern, he designed coat and jacket in one outfit combined with sarong. This outfit can be worn separately. During the Fashion Show Closing, Denny Wirawan showed an evening gown with jewelry to give a vintage impression.

Tuty Cholid said, “In this special event, I show Batik and Jumputan creation for the preparation of BNI’s The Pride of Indonesian Heritage. It took me 6 months. Batik with little flowers motif can enter European market that like simple and minimal motif. Soft colors like gold, light yellow, with Jumputan gave an elegant impression. Apart from that, there were marine blue, green and red cardigans, long jackets and pants. The concept is also ready to wear.

Pride of the Indonesian Heritage is held from 21 – 22 August 2014 showed 3 fashion collection  from Denny Wirawan and Tuty Cholid, various Kampoeng BNI’s trained partners products like woven fabric and batik, carved wood and metal home, resort/hotel and office decorations, silver jewelry, modern art creation and leather craft for fashion and lifestyle. Meanwhile events like Diplomatic Reception, Diaspora Forum and Business Meeting are only for invited guests. On this occasion, BNI also launch it’s a website, for the benefit of international trade.

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Ajeng Campagnita, Publicist for BNI The Pride of the Indonesian Heritage, The Hague, The Netherlands. –


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