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H.E. Mr Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera Peralta, Ambassador of Guatemala

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H.E. Mr Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera Peralta is a Guatemalan lawyer, notary and diplomat. He carried out several high level positions in the political as well as academic field. From now His Excellency will serve as Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Ambassador Aguilera completed his studies in Guatemala, held a Master’s degree in Germany and accomplished several post-graduate degrees in Guatemala, Spain and The United States of America. In fact, His Excellency is fluent in English and German, in addition to his native Spanish.

Before embarking on the diplomatic career, Ambassador Aguilera was a professor and university researcher performing high-level academic duties, inter alia, he was a former UNDP and UNESCO consultant and Director of the Central American Institute for Political Studies, from 1975 to 1978. Finally, he has contributed with several publications, books and articles in Latin America, the United States and Japan. 

Ambassador Aguilera joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala and served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in two different periods: from 1996 to 1999 and four years later, from 2003 to 2004. He was named Ambassador of Guatemala in Germany (non-resident to Poland, 2008-2010), Peru (non-resident to Bolivia, 2010-2014), and the Netherlands. Among other government functions, H.E. Aguilera was appointed as Presidential Secretary of Peace and Presidential Delegate for the elaboration of the White Book for the National Defence.

During his honourable career, H.E. Aguilera received multiples awards and recognitions.

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