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One of the best Danish girls’ choirs performs in The Hague

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The Danish Embassy to the Netherlands invites you to a Christmas Concert with the Danish Girls’ Choir of the church of Fredensborg Palace on Saturday, 6 December 2014, at 16:00 hrs. in Kloosterkerk, Lange Voorhout 4, The Hague.

The Girls’ Choir is part of an old tradition of the church of Fredensborg Palace. In 1850, King Christian the 9th opened the doors of the church of Fredensborg Palace to the public and since then, a choir has been connected to the church of Fredensborg Palace. Since 1985, the choir has been a girls’ choir.

Once a year, the Girls’ Choir is travelling abroad to perform for foreign public, this year in The Hague and Rotterdam. For many years the Girls’ Choir of Fredensborg Palace has been among the best girls’ choirs in the country which is demonstrated by top ranks in various competitions in Denmark. The Girls’ Choir performs at services and concerts in the church, a.o. in 2012 during the celebration of the anniversary of H.M. Queen Margrethe, but also at other occasions for royal guests. The Girls’ Choir is participating in all church services of the church of Fredensborg Palace. Princess Benedikte is protector of the choir.

The choir leader is Mr. Torsten Nielsen, singer and conductor from The Royal Danish Music Conservatorium. Mr. Nielsen is also connected to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Vocal Ensemble and sings solo all over the country. Mrs. Else-Marie Kristoffersen accompanies the choir at organ. At this concert, Mrs. C. Buch is soprano soloist.

The concert is open to the public and is free of charge. Doors will be open from 15:30 hrs. The concert is presented in cooperation with APM Terminals.

Please register for the concert by sending an email to

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