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Panamanian Ambassador presented his letters of credence to His Majesty

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By Baron Henri Estramant.

On 19 November 2014, Panamanian Ambassador Willys Delvalle Velasco presented his letters of credence to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander at Noordeinde Palace. He was accompanied by his wife, Tatiana, the embassy staff as well as the General Consul of Panama in Rotterdam, Mr Gustavo Leignadier.

The new Panamanian Head of Mission was followed by the new Cuban Ambassador Mr Fermín Gabriel Quinoñes Sánchez, and finally the Guatemalean Ambassador Mr Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera Peralta.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Secretary General drs. Renée Jones-Bos was also present as were some members of the Royal Household.

The Netherlands and Panama entertain diplomatic relations since 2 April 1904. During this long friendship, the two countries have signed agreements for the abrogation of tourist and business visa, to avoid double-taxation, for the protection of investments, aerial services, and for the operation of Dutch ships in the Panama Canal.

Ambassador Delvalle graduated from Florida State University, Business Faculty. Mr Delvalle is a specialist in Maritime and International Commercial Law. From 2006 and until 2012, he held the position of General Manager for APL (American President Line) in charge of the areas of operations, finance, sales, customer service and human resources for the company. Since 2012 until the present year, Mr Delvalle held the position of Senior Maritime Operations Manager for Latin America, with responsibilities for the entire region from Mexico to Chile.

From 2007 until 2014, was a member of the Board of Directors of the Panama Maritime. Chamber holding various positions in the Board, before being elected President of the Chamber from 2012 to 2014. During this time participated in various fora in the areas of logistics, bunkers, maritime operations and the Panama Canal.

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