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Kenya Celebrates 51st Jamhuri Day

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By Muthoni Muchiri. Photography M. Muchiri.

H.E Mrs. Rose Makena Muchiri marked Kenya’s 51st Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Worldhotel Bel Air The Hague. This prolific event welcomed various dignitaries, distinguished guests as well as a sizeable number of the Kenyan Diaspora. It was particularly pleasing to note the large turn out of Kenyan students present from various universities in the Netherlands.Untitled-1

The night commenced with a speech from the Ambassador in which she extended a warm welcome to all, with specific mention to the Kenyan Diaspora and the important role they play in the development process and growth of the community. She strongly encouraged their continued input towards the development agenda through the Diaspora Web Portal; all while a myriad of images JamhuriDay3showcasing Kenya’s natural beauty and diversity were displayed across screens around the room.

After the formalities were completed guests were treated to local delicacies from mouthwatering samosas to a Kenyan favorite, nyama choma – barbequed meat, leaving no dish untouched. The festivities continued with the Ambassador leading guests to the dance floor where they sang and shuffled the night away. The ‘Independence Day’ celebrations were topped off with news received earlier that day declaring that charges against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had officially been withdrawn at the International Criminal Court.Kenay Jamhuri Day

At the end of the night guests received a vibrant bouquet of Kenyan roses courtesy of Sian Roses, in addition to a variety of Kenyan magazines and dvds.

The chilly weather outside was no match to the warmth and joyfulness that engulfed the room that evening. Congratulations to Ambassador Rose Makena Muchiri and her delightful team for organising such a lively and memorable evening.JamhuriDay1


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