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Liberation The Hague & Hilton close partnership

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Photo: Frits Huffnagel, Chairman RG Ruijs Foundation and Jolijn Zealanders, Hotel Manager Hilton The Hague .

The Liberation Hague has partnered with Hilton The Hague. Frits Huffnagel, president of the organizing RG Ruijs Foundation, made the announcement that Hilton The Hague will provide the upcoming anniversary edition for the first time an exclusive VIP Lounge for the present captains of industry, politicians, sponsors and NGO’S.

Celebrating 70 years of liberation

Jolijn Zealanders, Hotel Manager at Hilton The Hague, is proud of the collaboration: “On 5 May, we celebrate that we live in freedom in the Netherlands. May 5 is also a day to reflect on the importance of freedom and to realize that freedom is fragile. For that reason we have decided to make this year the Liberation Hague embrace and facilitate the organization with a fully catered VIP Lounge for all organizations like us to celebrate 70 years of liberation! ”

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