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An exciting new exhibition offering a fresh insight into expatriate life in The Hague is being organised by ACCESS, the Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) and the Municipal Archives of The Hague. The exhibition has the working title of “Expat History of The Hague” and will take place from 26 October until 14 November 2015 in The Hague City Hall. The aim of this exhibition is to show The Hague as seen through the eyes of internationals who call – or who once called – this city home.

The Municipal Archives of The Hague and the EAC house – among many other collections – materials describing expatriate life in The Hague during different periods of time. ACCESS serves the needs and interests of the current expatriate community in the Netherlands. An exhibition about how expats view The Hague is a perfect opportunity to bring these three special organisations together.

Get involved

What were your early impressions of The Hague? Perhaps you kept a diary, wrote letters, took photographs, or made notes. Or maybe you know of friends, family or colleagues who previously lived in the city but who have since moved on. These memories of The Hague could be a valuable contribution to the exhibition. The EAC are particularly interested in pieces that are older than 25 years. Get in touch with the EAC before 28 February by emailing

Don’t let your memories gather dust

The EAC preserve stories from expats and internationals all over the world. Where do you keep your mementoes of living abroad? They may be getting damp and fragile in a garage, or dusty and faded in an attic. It’s time to take a fresh look at your life story and get in touch with the EAC. You can be reassured that your privacy needs will be respected, that everything will be well cared for in a professional archival environment, and – once it has been digitalised – you can request a copy on CD to keep and share with your family.

Get in touch by emailing

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