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Father and son exposition

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By Carel Reisch

On the 8th of February the mayor of Wassenaar, Jan Hoekema honored Galerie Patries van Dorst by opening the exposition of father and son Wouter & Julian Stips. The opening speeches of the mayor together with Dutch televisionhost Martine van Os were the start of a very well visited art exposition in the coachhouse of Kasteel de Wittenburg. More than 200 people visited the gallery it was typical Dutch “gezellig” crowded.


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Wouter Stips is a well known Dutch contemporary artist, his son Julian is at the brink of an artistic career.

Patries van Dorst gallery owner:

A few months ago during a visit at the workshop of Wouter in Hilversum, he showed us some drawings of his son Julian; we were immediately enthusiastic. When you’re talking about “a special talent for the future” then this is certainly the case. The idea of a double-exhibition was soon born.

In the past we have had several expositions with Wouter Stips. We know that he is a popular artist and his paintings and glass sculptures always sells well. I am happy that the presentiment of Wouter and me regarding the paintings of Julian Stips became reality. The podium we gave his son Julian worked out so well. During the first day we already sold 6 of his works. Since he is a beginning artist the prices are still very affordable.

Wouter StipsWOUTER STIPS (1944)

Wouter’s cheerful, layered paintings and glass sculptures are sold worldwide. After his last exhibition in 2014 in the leading Singer Museum in Laren, Galerie Patries van Dorst is the first to show the latest works by this artist. Works spalling by the spontaneous use of color from the wall, painted in the tradition of the Dutch CoBrA painters, a refined beauty and seemingly childish poetic simplicity.

The comparison with CoBrA in the work of Wouter Stips is soon made. He works with the same spirit and energy of the Cobra-artists like Corneille, Karel Appel, Lucebert, Constant, Eugene Brands, Pederson a.o. His works are being collected by Cobra-collectors worldwide. His colorful bright and childlike style is very much his own.

One of the key features of the CoBrA movement was, of course, its multidisciplinary aspect. You could write, compose poetry, draw, paint, produce sculptures; you could even sing. And that is something that you see in the work of Stips.

He seizes every opportunity to manifest his ideas in a material that appeals to him, that arouses his creativity. A thought suddenly arises, ‘Aha, I can make an image out of that’ and then he begins, like a man possessed, to make a series of images, figures or books. And then he continues making pictures lithographs, prints, silk-screen prints, music. This is something intrinsic to Stips to CoBrA, and actually to the open-mindedness of a child as well. It its simple lack of inhibition.BW SS 12

You do what you enjoy, and what you don’t enjoy, you avoid. This is the way he thinks, and lives. When, at a certain moment, he was a successful television and film director, he simply quit that world in order to take up painting again, writing and sculpting full-time. Without hesitating back to his roots; that is something admirable. ( Leo Duppen – past president of the Amstelveen Cobra Museum in “Alle dagen feest”, a book about Stips’ work and worldwide projects )


On his 10th year Julian was already modeldrawing with guidance of Catalijn Wouters.

At the age of 17, he was accepted at the HKU Arnhem for fashion designs. He joined among others internship at “Victor and Rolf”, he concluded this prestigious traineeship and then went on a trip for a “mind set”. When back he decided to say goodbye (for now) to the “complex” world of fashion design and first to focus on the free-drawing and illustration commissions.

Galerie Patries van Dorst, exhibits national en international (contemporary)artist. Every 6 weeks there are new exhibitions. Check their website for the current and coming exhibitions. The gallery is beautifully hidden away in the afforested surroundings of Wassenaar on the Wittenburg estate. The art combined with the historic ambience in the coach house and the gardens on the estate of Kasteel de Wittenburg makes a visit worthwhile. Open daily, please call in advance 0650 292 150.


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