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Pakistan Expo 2015

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By Baron Henri Estramant.
Pakistan’s largest and most populous city of Karachi hosted the ninth edition of the “Expo Pakistan”, the country’s most prominent trade fair organised by the Trade and Development Authority (TDAP) at Karachi Expo Centre. 
Between 26 February and 1 March 2015, the expo showcased the best merchandise and services offered by endemic companies. 
In praxis, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan invites in foreign buyers to discover the potential of Pakistani products but likewise to hold on-the-spot meetings and business negotiations with the producers and exporters alike. Naturally the expo is also used as a platform to launch, display and boast new products. 
The fair is held annually (with one interruption in 2014) going back to 2005, and lasts for four days in total. In 2013 foreign buyers settled business deals estimated to more than 700 million USD
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