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Jan Dop and Reinier Russell.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Embassy desk of Russell Advocaten hosted a seminar on Employment Law and Real Estate at their Amsterdam office on 12 June 2017.The goal was to present the Diplomatic community with valuable information in an easily accessible manner.

During the seminar, practical legal questions and developments have been discussed in two parallel sessions.

Workshop 1: Employment Law

This workshop focused mainly on the effect of a personnel handbook in preventing employment-related legal issues.

Topics discussed included:

  • Content and drafting of a personnel handbook
  • Which rules on, for example, employee absenteeism, sick leave, and reimbursement of (travel) expenses should be included?
  • Rules for the use of e-mail, the Internet and social media?
  • Misconduct and sanctions
  • How can the personnel handbook be amended?

Speakers: Jan Dop and Roos Inklaar

Workshop 2: Real Estate

Speakers: Reinier Russell and Ynze Kliphuis,

This workshop provided an introduction to Dutch Real Estate Law, with a focus on government permits and building restrictions for Embassies.

Russell Advocaten’s Embassy Desk regularly organizes seminars and workshops for Embassies and facilitates legal lectures for incoming trade missions.





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