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The Ambassador of Serbia, H.E. Ms. Ksenija Milenković

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H.E. Ms. Ksenija Milenković is the new Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. She previously held posts as the Deputy Head of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union in Brussels and was the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of European Integration.

Moreover, she was the advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia on foreign policy and European integration. She has a wide array of diplomatic experience since 1998 and is a specialist on European Integration.

H.E. Ms. Ksenija Milenković, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia

Being the Serbian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Milenković strives to strengthen both bilateral economic ties and increase mutual political dialogues between the Dutch and Serbian communities. According to her, since Serbia established diplomatic ties with the Netherlands in 1899, the two countries have maintained warm ties. In fact, last year was the 120th anniversary between the two countries.

“We had a very important visit in November 2019, when Minister Blok came to Belgrade. For many years, we had not had a bilateral visit of the Dutch Foreign Minister. It was really good to have Minister Stef Blok there”.

She calls for and hopes the two will continue to work on intensifying those ties.

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