Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Ksenija Milenković

Annual High Tea Honoring Women of Influence

Des Indes Celebrates a Century of Elegance with Empowerment Des Indes, an iconic hotel with a rich history spanning more than 132 years, recently opened...

Women’s Ambassadors Group Summary

The Women’s Ambassadors Group is an informal group of women Ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, (based in the Netherlands) but also...

Updating Serbian-Dutch diplomatic relations

In an exclusive interview with Diplomat Magazine’s Publisher, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mrs. Ksenija Milenković, talked about her country’s history,...

The Ambassador of Serbia, H.E. Ms. Ksenija Milenković

H.E. Ms. Ksenija Milenković is the new Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. She previously held posts as...

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