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NRW opens up representation in Israel

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Saturday, 29 February 2020, Tel Avic, State of Israel: NRW Premier Armin Laschet officially opened the new office of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Tel Aviv. 

Moreover on the agenda was a visit to the Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem and bilateral talks with the Israeli President. Furthermore, Premier Laschet encountered the grandchildren of David Ben-Gurion and Konrad Adenauer in the Ben-Gurion House to commemorate the famous meeting of the two statesmen 60 years ago.

On his second trip to Israel, the Premier Laschet was accompanied by a delegation of about 30 people, including representatives from business, society and churches. On the part of the state government, the Minister for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration, Dr. Joachim Stamp, and the Minister for Federal and European Affairs and International Affairs, Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner, were part of the delegation.

The new office of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for business, science, education, youth and culture in Israel is headed by Dr. Gil Yaron, who grew up in Düsseldorf, worked most recently as a correspondent for the WELT in Israel and is considered a proven expert on the region.

At the heart of the start-up scene, in the “BE ALL” co-working space, the North Rhine-Westphalian office is intended to create connections and structures that cannot exist without a direct presence of the state. At the same time, the new office will be a contact point for delegations from North Rhine-Westphalia.


Picture by Land NRW, Ralph Sondermann.

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