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Ambassador Ghanem said goodbye

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The Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen, Ms. Sahar Ghanem will conclude her duties as Coordinator of Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands after a successful mandate were, she promoted partnership, dialogue and solid networking among the more than 30 women ambassadors credited to the Netherlands including those with embassies located in Brussels.

The Ambassador of Albania, Her Excellency Ms. Adia Sakiqi will take now the lead of the group.

At the end of her term as the Coordinator of Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands, H.E. Ambassador Sahar Ghanem closes the year with a goodbye speech addressing her fellow women ambassadors in the Group, and congratulating her successor the Ambassador of Albania.

Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands. Photography by Kim Vermaat.

Ambassador Ghanem commented: “my primary goal was to expand our network as women ambassador to include influential people from various walks of life. I wanted us to empower and be empowered, to inspire and be inspired.”

Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands. Photography by Catherine Dailey.

“At this point I realize how fortunate and privileged I was to get that opportunity to lead such an esteemed group of more than 30 intellectual and professional women. It was such an inspiring and enriching experience through which I have learned invaluable lessons at ambassadorial and personal levels but most important, I gained sisters for life.” She said.

Previous coordinators of the Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands where the Ambassador of Guatemala, H.E. Ms. Maritza Ruiz de Vieltman and the Ambassador of Tanzania, H.E. Ms. Irene Florence Mkwawa Kasyanju.

Women Ambassadors Group training @ Clingendael. Photography by Jay Pangilinan.
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