Friday, April 19, 2024
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Ambassador Adia Sakiqi

Diplomat Friendship Chess Tournament  Edition 2022

The Hague, on 19 November 2022, Dr Mayelinne De Lara of Diplomat Magazine welcomed the players from the diplomatic community, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international organizations in the Netherlands to participate in the 2022 Chess Tournament aiming to consolidate friendship and strengthen the solidarity among Diplomats.

Women’s Ambassadors Group Summary

The Women’s Ambassadors Group is an informal group of women Ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, (based in the Netherlands) but also...

Albania, a gem on the Adriatic – unknown, but not for long

By John Dunkelgrün. Smaller than Belgium, Albania lies with its 400 kilometers of gorgeous beaches just opposite the Southern tip of Italy on the Adriatic...

Albania, the Jewish people and the Holocaust: a unique story of solidarity and courage

Albania is the only Nazi-occupied country that had a larger Jewish population after the Holocaust as compared to before. In this article, H.E. Ms....

Ambassador Ghanem said goodbye

The Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen, Ms. Sahar Ghanem will conclude her duties as Coordinator of Women Ambassador’s Group in the Netherlands after a successful mandate...

Most embassies visited in 24 hours, a new world record

Arman Angishan (L) tries to break a Guinness World Record by getting as many signatures as possible from embassies. © Frank Jansen / In...

Albania to invest in women, peace and security agenda during OSCE Presidency

Albania OSCE’s Chairman for 2020, promote the role of women in peace processes, conflict prevention and resolution – during a webinar organized by Ambassador Adia Sakiqi.

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