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Diplomat Magazine and the Guinness World Records Competition “Most embassies visited in 24 hours”

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In the picture Diplomat Magazine / Guinness World Record team before leaving Leonardo Royal Hotel to start competing for the Most embassies visited in 24 hours. 

The Hague,17 September 2020. On this bright late summer day, Arman Angishan LL.M, with the support of Diplomat Magazine, vied for the Guinness World Records Competition title: Most embassies visited in 24 hours. 

Arman Angishan departed from the Leonardo Royal Hotel early in the morning to visit the 48 plus participating embassies in order to set the new world record. First Embassy to be visited was the Hungarian Embassy, located close to the Leonardo Royal Hotel. Hungary is Arman’s  country of origin.

Arman with Hungarian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. András Kocsis.

A team consisting of Kejda Revaj, August Zeidman, Kateryna Denysova, Diplomat Magazine’s photographer Roy Strik, two journalists, and four other people formed an advanced team to alert embassies of their arrival.

Among other things, four witnesses took care of the logistics and reported directly to Guinness World Records.

H.E. Mr. Dirk Lodewijk M. Achten, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium welcomed Armen with a great Belgium T-shirt.

Arman Angishan and his team were warmly received by the embassies, refreshments, gifts and souvenirs of the big day were offered. It certainly has been an eventful day.

The record was beaten at the 36th Embassy, Albania. The old records stood at 33 embassies in 2019.

The Ambassador of New Zealand, H.E. Lyndal Walker.
At the Embassy of Romania with Ambassador Brândușa Predescu.
The Ambassador of Lebanon, H.E. Abdel Sattar Issa.
The Apostolic Nuncio, H.E. Archbishop Aldo Cavalli.
The Ambassador Japan, H.E. Mr. Hidehisa Horinouchi.
Stamping Guinness Record’s forms at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
The Ambassador of Australia, H.E. Mr. Matthew Neuhaus.
Belarus Deputy Head of Mission, Dr. Stanislav Vassilevsky.

However, the last embassy to be visited was that of Mexico; then after reached the record, the team decided to stop at 5:30 pm.

Diplomat Magazine, Arman Angishan and the rest of the team like to express their profound gratitude to the embassies, Leonardo Royal Hotel and other entities, they deem assisting Arman in his pursuit to break the world record as an immense honor.

With the Guinness World Record Competition, Most embassies visited in 24 hours 2020 certificate in hand, Arman envisage making a second tour of the embassies to thank them for their outstanding cooperation, hospitality and for them to share in the achievement.

H.E. Mr. Alexander Shulgin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation.
The Charge d’affaires of Suriname, Mr. Oquemele Denz.
Azerbaijan’s Deputy Head of Mission, Ms. Seljan Verdiyeva.
The Ambassador of Serbia, H.E. Ksenija Milenković  filling the Guinness Record’s form.
H.E. Mr. Pham Viet Anh, Ambassador of Viet Nam.
Embassy of Argentina Economic Section.
The Ambassador of Ukraine Ukraine, H.E. Mr. Vsevolod Chentsov.
At the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, with Minister Counsellor Mr. Chen Ribiao.
The Ambassador of Korea, H.E. Mr. Yeondoo Jeong.
H.E. Mr. Tigran Balayan, Ambassador of Armenia.
At the Embassy of Chile.
Minister Counsellor of Panama, Armonia Chang de Belchieur.
H.E. Mr. Nicolas Plexidas, Ambassador of Greece.
Counsellor Maia Devadze, Embassy of Georgia.
Embassy of Albania.
The Ambassador of Latvia, H.E. Ms. Aiga Liepina.

For more pictures, please visit Diplomat Magazine’s FB page.

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