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Bvlgari’s Barock launches in China

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Barocko High Jewerelly – Picture by Bvlgari

Shanghai and Beijing’s brightest stars aligned for an exhibit like no other – the official launch of Bvlgari’s Barocko High Jewelry collection. The astounding artistry was displayed in all the flamboyant drama its jewels deserved, with Kris Wu, Lun Deng, Elain Zhong and Zha Na all immersing themselves in the celebration of Roman flair at its finest.

Vibrant colours, extraordinary light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details convey a sense of joy and positivity, which spreads all over the world. 

Kris Wu – Picture by Bvlgari

As the collection’s name suggests, the unlimited, magnificent influence of Rome’s Baroque artistic and architectural heritage meets Bvlgari’s unapologetic, daring and audacious spirit in Barocko. More than ever, in an unprecedented way, Bvlgari finds inspiration in its native Rome, that for over 130 years has been musing the brand’s outstanding, distintive creations. 

The Eternal City’s monumental triumph of Baroque extravagance resonates in the exuberance of the new Barocko unique artifacts, embracing eccentricity and sophistication in a perfect balance of flamboyancy and timeless refinement.

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