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H.E. Mr. Tigran Balayan, Ambassador of Armenia to the Kingdom of The Netherlands  

30 January 2021 

“In Armenia the COVID-19 pandemic is improving remarkably, for the second consecutive week we have merely 10% of positive tests within the general population. Because of the latter, our government decided to open all the borders to tourists and taking into consideration that we have no visa regime with our neighbours Iran and Georgia, we expect many tourists to flock, at least from our neighbouring countries. 

From February, the Armenian aviation industry re-established connections to various countries, including Russia and everyone who wants to visit Armenia, and enjoy winter is welcome to visit.  

To enter Armenia, the traveller is required to hold a negative test result for COVID-19, alternatively a test can be taken at the airport for about 35 euros. Isolation is required until a negative result is produced. People with negative results are free to go everywhere they wish within Armenia.  

Albeit the tourism industry as a whole has suffered during the pandemic, Armenian wines are selling rather well, specially during the lockdowns. The latter was industry was affected little according to the main distributor of Armenian wine and spirits, the Royal Beverage Group. Sales for 2020 are up, and also several Dutch wines websites such as Bovino include a plethora Armenian wines in their catalogue. We are working very close with duty free services to include Armenia cognac, and wines in their catalogues.”

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