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Ioanna Markidou’s Photography

Photographer Ioanna Markidou was recently asked by the Ambassador of Cyprus H.E. Ms. Frances Lanitou to capture the Netherlands and its people in her pictures. The result of this special project is an incredible take on the country through her lens. 

Ms. Markidou is first and foremost a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants based in Limassol, Cyprus, with broad experience in the audit for some of Deloitte’s multinational clients. She developed an interest for photography and took it up as a hobby.

“I like capturing the moments as seen through my eyes” says Markidou. “Capturing a moment, although it happens with a single click, is magical” she adds.

Her passion and fascination for photography however, created another aspect in her life, the one that helps her be more creative. Markidou believes that “the ability of photography to connect us to our past, to connect us with an event and to preserve memories without words or interpretation, makes it an influential hobby”. Markidou’s work tends to focus on nature and seascapes, some of which adopt an abstract style. A common motif that can be seen in her photos are sailboats which stem from her love for sailing.

Since 2014, her photos have been showcased in many group photography exhibitions, including the 2017 exhibition titled “Almira / Saltiness” which was presented in Cyprus and later Germany. In addition, she has also had solo exhibitions “imark my blues” and “With and without you-emotions” that exclusively highlight her work. Although she considers herself an amateur photographer, Markidou has received multiple nominations and awards for her art, including two acceptances in Architecture for the 2017 Pancyprian Photo Competition, and an honorable mention in the 2017 Moscow International Foto Awards.

Upon invitation from the Embassy of Cyprus and Ambassador Lanitou, Markidou arrived in the Netherlands on a trip to show the wonders of this land through her art. This was in preparation for an upcoming event that will display her works from last month’s visit. She was very excited to explore the country for this project; there was only a short timeframe to do so but Markidou is always eager to take on a challenge.

She revealed that the trip was “awe-inspiring”. As she got to see some of the most magnificent areas of the Netherlands, the words “marvelous” and “unbelievable” were often heard from her throughout the journey. On another note, she was pleasantly surprised by the modernity of the Netherlands and by its fascinating culture as she witnessed the day-to-day life of its people. To be able to experience this while the country is relatively open without a lockdown makes her hopeful for a time when one can freely travel again.

Regarding the project, Markidou said “I am humbled that I have been given this great opportunity to exhibit my work and to learn that others are being moved by my canvases, as I like to call my photos”. Ambassador Lanitou is eager to share photographer Markidou’s photos of the Netherlands in an exhibition to take place in Amsterdam in early 2022.

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