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3rd Annual Leiden Austrian Studies

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The 3rd Annual Leiden Austrian Studies Lecture, is organized by the Foundation for Austrian Studies and Special Chair for Central European Studies in cooperation with the Institute for History, on Friday 29 October 2021, 15.15 – 17.00 in the Faculty Club, Rapenburg 73 in Leiden.

Speaker Prof. Howard Louthan, (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA):

Revisiting a Renaissance Classic: Theuerdank, Maximilian I (1486-1519) and the Discovery of the World

The Leiden Praetorius Ensemble will contribute with music by Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517).

The lecture will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Theuerdank, an epic poem produced at the court of Emperor Maximilian I in 1517 and illustrated with over hundred woodcuts, has been hailed by some as the greatest German book of the Renaissance. Part of a chivalric trilogy glorifying the life and career of the fascinating Habsburg emperor, Theuerdank tells the story of a knight (Maximilian) on a journey to win the hand of his lady (Mary of Burgundy).

In this lecture, we will turn our attention to some of these broader issues as we consider what the text and its marvelous woodcuts may tell us concerning a new understanding of politics, war, and the natural environment during the Renaissance.

Howard Louthan is director of the Center for Austrian Studies and professor of history at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of early modern Central Europe with special attention to religion.

To register for the lecture, please send an e-mail to

On November 2nd, 20.00 the lecture will be repeated online via Zoom. For the online version please register here:

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