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Leonardo’s Faces, Suzy Rosaria van Buren

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Celebrating Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade – 50 years of diplomatic mission

Behind the logo of the Vitruvian man, multiple employees ensure that the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade provides excellent, customized, hospitality services to all.


Name:              Suzy Rosaria van Buren

Nationality:      Dutch  

Function:          F&B Supervisor

Department:    F&B (Food and Beverage)

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?
I started working here in December 2017. I had no F&B experience so I was very nervous at first. But I was warmly welcomed with open arms and I’ve been trained by my colleagues.

Have you always worked in the same department? Yes, I have. It is a very diverse department because we have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we also have banqueting. And that is what I like because we have small group meetings for 8 persons or BIG parties for over 1300 people.

What was the most remarkable (diplomatic) event you experienced?
All of them, I love working the events. Especially the Food Festivals and the after-summer drinks organized by Leonardo Royal and Diplomat Magazine every year.

Why was this so remarkable? Because it’s always hosted by Mayelinne and other countries. This way I learn more about the habits and delicious food of many places in the world.

What do you consider interesting about the international guests and events organized at the hotel? There is always something new to learn about different countries. And because everyone is so different, it is beautiful to see how everyone works.

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