Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague

Panama Gastronomic Festival

By Roy Lie Atjam The Ambassador of Panama H.E. Ms. Elizabeth Ward Neiman hosted a Panamanian gastronomic festival featuring food specialities of her country Panama. It was a two-day festival that...

Cigars Rum Coffee Boleros Extravaganza

By Roy Lie Atjam A Cigars, Rum, Coffee, Bolero Night in The Hague. It all started with a passion for cigars, rum, coffee and bolero. Consequently,...

Bangladesh Pre- Food Festival Degustation Session

By Roy Lie Atajm In the run-up to the upcoming Bangladesh Food Festival at Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague, the Embassy of Bangladesh hosted a...

Leonardo’s Faces, Suzy Rosaria van Buren

Suzy Rosaria van Buren works at Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague. Suzy started working in 2017 and remembers how nervous she was the first day at the hotel.

Leonardo Royal Hotel – The New Diplomatic Venue

The Diplomatic hub in The Hague, previously known as Crowne Plaza, where hundreds of diplomatic events, delegation meetings, and gastronomic dinner in collaboration with the Diplomat Magazine, will be renamed as the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade.

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