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Bangladesh Pre- Food Festival Degustation Session

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By Roy Lie Atajm

In the run-up to the upcoming Bangladesh Food Festival at Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague, the Embassy of Bangladesh hosted a Bangladesh Pre-Food Festival Degustation session at the chancellery. The session had as objective to propose Chef Sheikh Emdadul Haque‘s menu to the Chef and staff of Leonardo Hotel and Diplomat Magazine, in which guests have time to breathe between courses, pay attention to portions and flexibility.

Bangladesh Food at Flavors Festival.

The degustation menu: starter, mung dahl soup, green mango salad, stuffed potato balls, cabbage pakora, paratha.

Main course for a Bangladesh Flavors Festival.

The main course, mutton biryani, sauteed baby spinach, tilapia fish patty, chicken korma, pan-fried aubergine, tomato chutney, chomchom, Sandesh.

Proposed desserts by Mrs Salma Ibrahim for the next Bangladesh Food Festival.

Bangladeshi sweets made of chana/cottage cheese and assorted fruits. The presentation of the dishes was fabulous, big applause for the chef of the embassy and his team.

The Embassy of Bangladesh is throwing its weight behind the upcoming food festival in July. Ambassador H.E. Mr Riaz Hamidullah, his spouse Sazia Ahmed and Diplomats are all fully involved in the culinary experience.

We are all looking forward to an outstanding “Bangladesh Flavors” at Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague on 1&2 July 2022.

Chef Sheikh Emdadul Haque.
Diplomat Magazine Publisher, Dr. Mayelinne De Lara and Bangladesh spouse, Mrs. Sazia Ahmed
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