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President of The Hague International Research Institute Migration Law visits Ambassador of The Philippines

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The Hon. Aniel Pahladsingh, president and founder of The Hague International Research Institute Migration Law (HIRIM) visited H.E. Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya of The Philippines. Mr. Pahladsingh is – amongst the former – a senior legal advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and deputy judge at the district court of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Previously he worked as a coordinating EU lawyer at the Research Department of the Council of State in The Hague and was seconded to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Pahladsingh presented to Ambassador J Eduardo Malaya a copy of his book – coauthored by Ramona Grimbergen – “The Charter and the Court of Justice of the European Union: Notable Cases from 2016-2018”, which covers leading cases pertaining to dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, citizenship and justice in the EU. This publication will have its sequel this year concerning cases between 2019 and 2021.

The ambassdor, Aniel Pahladsingh and the Embassy of the Philippines lawyer’s team.

Ambassador Malaya and Mr. Pahladsingh discussed possible collaborative projects in the Philippines. He presented Mr. Pahladsingh with his own book “Stewards of the Nation”, published in 2018.

HIRIM was recently established in the International City of Peace and Justice to advocate research and debate with a legal approach into the broad migration issue on both a national and international level. Not only the facts themselves are important, but also the way in which and the care with which they are interpreted and communicated. It is precisely through careful interpretation that HIRIM wants to stimulate a sound debate, especially since gut feelings can often have a misleading effect in the formation of an opinion.

Mr. Pahladsingh was accompanied by HIRIM board member Anton Lutter. The other board member is Marc Zandhuis, attorney at law in Amstelveen.

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