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Board of Directors of Trust Fund for Victims Announce Change of Executive Leadership

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Today, 14 April 2022, in The Hague, the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Trust Fund for Victims Ms Minou Tavárez Mirabal announced that a change of executive leadership at the Fund will take place later this year.

Ms Tavárez Mirabal stated: “An agreement has been reached between the Board of Directors, the Registrar and the Executive Director based on a shared understanding of the need for change of leadership.”

“On behalf of the Board I thank Executive Director Mr Pieter de Baan for his long and committed service to the Trust Fund and for his leadership during many challenging times for the Fund. I thank him for his engagement to facilitate a smooth transition to a successor following the completion of his current contract on 31 August 2022.”

During its 5th formal meeting of the TFV Board this week it was confirmed that Mr De Baan will step down from his role as Executive Director on 31 August 2022. The Board has requested Ms Franziska Eckelmans, Legal Adviser to assume the role of Acting Executive Director during any interim period until the successful completion of an open and competitive recruitment process, which will shortly get underway.

From 31 August 2022 onwards, Mr De Baan will support the leadership transition and related key processes in a non-executive advisory role.

The TFV Board wishes to assure the staff, partners and supporters of the Trust Fund of its continuing dedication to the cause of supporting victims of international crime, and is committed to an orderly and positive leadership transition in pursuit of these goals.

Mr De Baan stated: “Further to the important  transition that the Trust Fund for Victims has undergone in the past years, it is time for new leadership to take the Fund to meet its next challenges. I thank the TFV Board of Directors for their interest to ensure an appropriate executive leadership transition, and I look forward to support the Board during this transition.“

“I am as always deeply grateful for the inspirational commitment of my colleagues at the Secretariat, in support of the unique and compelling mandate of the Trust Fund for Victims to make reparative justice a reality for victims.” 

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