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Ambassador Al Kuwari salutes the Swiss Confederation

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Bern, 1 August 2022, Swiss Confederation: On the ocassion of the Swiss National Day, the State of Qatar’s top envoy to the confederation, HE Ambassador Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari, addressed the Swiss government and people in a multilingual message that one can enjoy below: 

Ambassador Al Kuwari has been serving as Qatar’s top envoy to Switzerland since 4 November 2021, after he presented credentials to the then serving Swiss Federal President Guy Parmelin. Al Kuwari was not stranger to Switzerland, and as a matter of fact, he served already in the capacity as non-resident head of mission heeding relations from Paris between 2003 and 2013. During the latter period he was resident head of mission vis-à-vis the French Republic in Paris with concurrencies to Switzerland, the Holy See, Monaco, and Portugal. 

Qatar established a resident embassy in Bern in September 2012. The latter mission is likewise responsible for relations vis-à-vis the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

Before arriving in Bern, Ambassador Mohammed Al Kuwari, had been serving as head of mission in Germany, Spain and the United States of America. He is fluent in his native Arabic, in addition to French, and English but likewise holds a good understanding of the German and Spanish languages. 

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Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Swiss Confederation:

Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari – Picture by NCUSAR – Picture through Wikipedia licence, see:

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