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Viva Mexico!

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Mexican National Day Celebration in The Hague

On Friday, September 15th, the Embassy of Mexico in The Hague lit up Paard van Troje with a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of the 213th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico. 

‘Noche Mexicana’, as the event was titled, was graciously hosted by His Excellency Mr. José Antonio Zabalgoitia, the Ambassador of Mexico to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The evening was a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and the enduring bonds between the two countries.

The festivities kicked off with a reception, where Ambassador Zabalgoitia, his wife Lucía Villalobos. and the dedicated Mexican diplomatic staff warmly welcomed friends from the diplomatic community at large, international organizations in the field of justice, foreign affairs and migration, members of the academic community, as well as Dutch government officials. The guests were so numerous – including ambassadors from Algeria to Uruguay, from Russia to Rwanda, from China to Croatia, from Panama to Ghana, from Azerbaijan to South Africa, from New Zealand to Germany, from Switzerland to Poland, from Costa Rica to Algeria, that it is truly impossible to mention all of them. 

Guests had the pleasure of savoring homemade Mexican hors d’oeuvres and enjoying a drink in a unique Mexican traditional atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship.

After the reception, the doors swung open to embrace members of the vibrant Mexican Community, who joined in for a memorable ‘Noche Mexicana’. The heart of the evening traditionally began with the ‘Cry of Dolores’ or ‘El Grito’, a unique ceremony that re-enacts the historic uprising of the Mexican people for independence, which started with the insurrection of Dolores, Mexico on September 16, 1810, when the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang his church bell and gave the ‘call to arms’.  

What made this rendition even more special was the active participation of the audience, who enthusiastically joined in with their own spirited cries of ‘Viva Mexico’.

Ambassador Zabalgoitia’s remarkable performance showed his expertise during this pivotal moment, absolutely electrifying the atmosphere, infusing it with energy and pride. He exclaimed loudly: ‘Viva to the heroes that gave us fatherland and freedom’, mentioning the names of the fallen heroes who died during the War of Independence and followed by all the guests repeating together with him, in one voice: ‘Viva Mexico!’

As the night progressed, Paard van Troje swelled with the presence of hundreds of diplomats representing nearly every country in The Hague. Alongside were Mexicans, many of whom proudly adorned in traditional attire, creating a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors. The unity of different nationalities in celebrating Mexican National Day was a heartwarming sight to behold!

For gastronomic enthusiasts, the evening was also a culinary delight, as after the official reception, food was available for purchase from three of the best Mexican restaurants in the Netherlands. The flavors of Mexico transported everyone’s taste buds on a gastronomic journey across this diverse and rich country.

However, it was the Mariachi Ramon Balderas who stole the show, serenading the audience with a repertoire of the most beloved Mexican songs. The joyous response from the crowd was overwhelming, as guests couldn’t resist dancing, singing, and clamoring for more. The exuberance of the audience was obvious, as they swayed to the music, singing, and shouting ‘Viva Mexico’ in one voice. The mariachis had already exhausted the repertoire of the most popular Mexican songs but the audience kept singing, dancing and asking for more.

Mariachi Ramon Balderas, El Grito, National Day of Mexico The Hague 2023.

The ‘Noche Mexicana’ in The Hague was a testament to Ambassador Zabalgoitia’s skill in creating a memorable event which seamlessly united people from different countries, professional and cultural areas, diplomats, officials and Mexican diaspora. It was a night that celebrated not only Mexican culture but also the power of diplomacy and cultural exchange to bring people together!

As the mariachi band played its final note, the night concluded with resounding shouts of ‘Viva Mexico’, echoing the sentiments of unity and friendship that had defined the evening. The warmth and festivity of Mexican National Day in The Hague, under the skillful guidance of Ambassador Zabalgoitia, left an indelible mark on all those who attended. Until the next ‘Noche Mexicana’, the spirit of Mexico will continue to thrive in The Hague. It was the warmest and most festive Mexican National Day we have ever seen.

One, two, three: ‘Viva Mexico!’

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