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The Art of Transforming Seashells into Ceramics – Seashell Ceramics

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BINZHOU, China, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A media team invited by Binzhou Municipal Government Information Office visited the Shandong Sea Porcelain Group in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China on June 14 to explore the modern process and development journey of transforming shells into high-quality seashell ceramics. The visit aimed to gain insight into Binzhou’s industrial and modernization progress.

In the 1990s, seashell ceramics emerged in Wudi County, Binzhou, becoming the world’s third-largest type of ceramics after porcelain and bone china.

Wudi County, located on the southwest coast of the Bohai Sea, is an area where natural shell deposits amount to over 100,000 tons annually. Following years of research and development, Shandong Sea Porcelain Group successfully converted shells into high-quality seashell ceramics. The head of the group stated, “Seashell ceramics are a kind of high-end porcelain primarily made from sea shells, filling a gap in the international ceramic industry. Its exquisite texture, thin and delicate walls, moist glaze, and translucency set it apart from bone china and ordinary ceramics. It boasts unique traits, including high whiteness, high transparency, and lightweight.”

Additionally, the surface of seashell ceramics can absorb ink like rice paper, showcasing an ink-wash painting style when painted with brushes. Notably, seashell ceramic tableware is non-sticky and oil-resistant, eliminating the need for detergent when washing. The convenience of this feature was highlighted by all the guests present at the event.

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