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Heineken ‘Rock The City The Full Amsterdam Experience Tour

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“The Heineken Experience”

By Roy Lie Atjam

It was a Diplomat Magazine activity: “Join us in the Heineken ‘Rock the City – The Full Amsterdam Experience’ Tour!” What was intended to be a male spouse excursion has become an eventful day for Ambassadors and diplomats. Participants in the Heineken Experience travelled by train from The Hague, while others got to the brewery by other means. It indeed was a fun day out on Saturday, 1 June 2024.

Vietnamese diplomats at the The Heineken Experience.
Kevin Doris Ejon, Ireland diplomatic spouse, Giovanni Calvano, Colombia Diplomatic spouse, H.E. Mr. Antonio Polosa, IOM Chief of Mission, H.E. Mr. Brendan Rogers, Ambassador of Ireland, H.E. Mr. Arnoldo Brenes Casto, Ambassador of Costa Rica and spouse Beatriz Piza.
The Heineken Experience attracts visitors from around the globe who are eager to learn about how a small Amsterdam brewery evolved into one of the world’s top beer brands. As you walk through this 150-year-old brewery, you can touch the hops, taste the wort, and smell the aromas while discovering the various processes involved, from water collection to beer bottling.  

During the Heineken Excursion, participants were treated to a tour of the brewery, as well as two complimentary beers. Among the attendees were Ambassadors and diplomats from Germany, Ghana, Vietnam, Italy, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ireland as well as representatives of IOM and ICJ., and others. The excursion was also graced by the presence of the Ambassadors of Costa Rica, Ghana, and Ireland.  

The Heineken Experience Tour was a success and concluded with a fabulous 45-minute canal sightseeing cruise. The tour featured iconic highlights such as Paradiso, the Amsterdam Tower, the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), and the centuries-old residences of plantation and slave owners who gathered their wealth from the colonies in the West and East Indies, on the Herengracht.                
Beatriz Piza and spouse H.E. Mr. Arnoldo Brenes Castro, Ambassador of Costa Rica, Kevin Doris Ejon, Ireland diplomatic spouse and H.E. Mr. Francis Danti Kotia, Ambassador of Ghana.
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