Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Recommendation to Dutch Supreme Court: Return Crimean treasures to Ukraine

Advocate general recommends giving Crimean treasures to Ukraine in ongoing legal dispute, with final ruling to come from Supreme Court of the Netherlands. The advocate general's opinion supports the Amsterdam Court of Appeal's ruling that Ukraine should receive the artefacts, due to the country's suspension of the operational right of the Crimean museums. The museums in Crimea have objected to this ruling and have filed an appeal in cassation to the Supreme Court. The court is expected to issue its final ruling on the matter in September 2023.

Seaside Modern: Art and Life on the Beach

The Arts Society The Hague Presents the “Seaside Modern: Art and Life on the Beach” by James Russell

Working from home abroad: 5 tips for employers in the Netherlands

What do Dutch employers have to keep in mind when employees want to work from home abroad?

Special increase statutory minimum wage from 1 January 2023

From 1 January 2023, the level of the statutory minimum wage and the youth minimum wage will change. This time, because of inflation and to make work more attractive, the increase is much higher than usual.

Employees working from home: 6 points employers should keep in mind

For many employees, their homes have become a second workplace, while some employees even work from home permanently. What do you as employer have...

Seminar Dutch Law and Embassies

By Roy Lie Atjam Russell Advocaten, a corporate full-service law firm in Amsterdam, and Diplomat Magazine organized their annual seminar-workshop for embassies and consulates. The...

Your website and copyright: 2 tips on building a website

Copyrights in your own website are topics of interest and disputes. Who owns your website you or the website builder?

The Consular Corps Association convenience in Amsterdam

By Roy Lie Atjam Amsterdam, 17 March 2022. The Consular Corps Association organized a post-pandemic event welcoming the lent. The event had been organized by Diplomat...

Employer’s obligation to provide information

Employees are entitled to receive information about their employment conditions. Which information does this concern? When and how does the employee have to receive...

Works council: COVID-19 measures and mandatory vaccinations

By Jan Dop & Priscilla de Leede What rights does the works council have in relation to measures against the coronavirus within the company? And...

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