Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Şuşa, more than a city

Azerbaijan´s armed forces liberated the city of Şuşa after more than twenty-eight years of foreign occupation.

Nauryz was warmly celebrated in the Netherlands

With the arrival of spring, things are finally starting to change. Thus, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands, together with the Embassies of...

Azerbaijan – 30 years after regaining independence

By Ambassador Ramin Hasanov, Head of Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Federal Republic of Germany  Azerbaijan is a country which sits in the...

Azerbaijan, a top-tourism destination

Versatile, cosmopolitan, prosper; Azerbaijan is an extraordinary place where you can find ancient and modern, urban and rural, mountains and beaches, and nevertheless, this...

Magical carpets of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is famous as a country with carpet culture for many thousand years. Azerbaijani carpets can be found in the exhibitions of the Hermitage...

Contribution of Azerbaijan to the World of Christianity

The Republic of Azerbaijan, also called from ancient times as “Land of Fire”, is the biggest country of South Caucasus and is located on...

Women in Azerbaijan: Leading the Way for the Muslim World and Beyond

The First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva. By Geovanny Vicente Romero. Azerbaijan recently hosted its first Global Startup Weekend Women in Baku attracting 50 entrepreneurs leading...

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