Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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John Dunkelgrün

The strategy of evil

By John Dunkelgrün Early in 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea, there were quite a few people who dismissed criticism of Putin. “You have to understand that...

A Nikkei feast

Text and pictures by John Dunkelgrün A great dining experience requires a careful balance between flavours, quality of the ingredients, presentation, ambiance, and a welcoming...

Women, University and the Advancement of Knowledge

A tribute to Elena Cornaro Piscopia and Aletta Jacobs Text and pictures by John Dunkelgrün On June 27th H.E. Mr. Giorgio Novello hosted a remarkable symposium...

The Embassy Festival 2022

At the Hague Embassy Festival People were just enjoying themselves, looking at the many stands with signature local products and eating.

Ubi Brute?

In the short run, the world will face severe shortages, and Russia will get more money for less oil and gas. Starting in very few years, however, the demand for fossil fuels will go down sharply.

Life in the time of mania

By John Dunkelgrün Every now and then societies succumb to a collective madness, often accompanied by a general suspension of disbelief. “Witches” were tortured, burnt...

Biblioteca Pacifico Marchesini

The library at the new Italian Embassy was dedicated in honour of Mr. Pacifico Marchesini. Over half a year ago Mr. Marchesini was awarded the title of ‘Righteous among the Nations’ by Yad Vashem.

An Italian hero, Pacifico Marchesini

By John Dunkelgrün It isn’t usual for a columnist to write about his own family, but then, this isn’t a usual case. Pacifico Marchesini came...

Greening our planet together, a thought experiment

By John Dunkelgrün As almost everyone now knows our planet's climate is changing. Temperatures are rising, weather patterns are becoming less predictable and storms more...

An unthinkable thought

By John Dunkelgrün. Growing up in The Netherlands in the second half of the 20th century, a generally left leaning liberal democracy, I came to...

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