Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Leonardo Royal Hotel

Diplomats Wine and Spirits Extravaganza Edition 2021

At Diplomat Wine and Spirit Extravaganza embassies celebrated their wine and spirits industry at the soiree and used the occasion to promote their products to the Dutch market.

Peruvian Flavours, effective culinary diplomacy at his best

Peru, an ever-changing gastronomic kingdom, demonstrated its uniqueness during the Flavour Food Festival held this year in October at The Hague’s Leonardo Royal Hotel....

Leonardo’s Faces – Sido de Brabander

Chef Sido de Brabander is the main figure of all international food festival at Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague. "the kitchen is my second home ". Because of all the traveiling I did around the world plus my interest in the different kitchens all around the world, I learned a lot about having respect for food, and the way you treat it. I believe that we have a lot to learn in the Netherlands about respect for (good) food. For example, in Italy they say: “You live to eat, you don’t eat to live.”

VIII Diplomats’ Welcome After Summer Event

By Roy Lie Atjam The end of the summer and the return of the diplomats to town was celebrated in style by Diplomat Magazine in...

Leonardo’s Faces – Shurley Amatbasoeki

Shurley is the Head of housekeeping, she remembers " There was an event where bodyguards in the hallways and undercover agents were required. That was really impressive."

Diplomats on Wheels

By Roy Lie Atjam Diplomats on wheels, “pedal for the planet” ambassadors and diplomats accredited to The Hague and Brussels made the most of perfect...

Herring Party at the Leonardo Royal Hotel

The 2021 Herring Party event at Leonardo Royal Hotel was specifically adapted to the Dutch covid regulations with a seating format, thanks to which the guests could enjoy the traditional Herring as well as other delicacies served in a safe manner.

V Diplomats Biking Spree

A group of diplomats came to Leonardo Royal Hotel early on a Saturday morning of September, responding to Diplomat Magazine’s invitation to participate in our traditional Diplomats Biking Spree. 

A Ceremony of Merit to the Ambassador of Austria, H.E. Dr. Heidemaria Gürer

Ambassadors from all over the world, European and Dutch civil servants, and some distinguished members of the Austrian diaspora all gathered at Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague to pay tribute and bid farewell to Her Excellency Dr. Heidemaria Gürer.

Diplomat Magazine celebrated its anniversary!!!

Our mission is to  support the diplomatic community in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the world. Part of our duties have been the coordination...

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