Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Leonardo Royal Hotel

VII Annual Diplomatic Cycling Tour

The VII Annual Diplomatic Cycling Tour departed from  Leonardo Royal Hotel for an smooth 15 km route. The objectives of the ride are to promote inclusion and to provide a networking opportunity, all while having fun and exploring The Hague's historical and touristic environment.  

Leonardo’s Faces – Jill Vermeulen

Jill Vermeulen said: "What I learned so far is that the diplomatic world is not that formal as it seems. You can make a good conversation with the diplomats and they are open for it."

Collective will, common sense and diplomacy

There is no war that cannot be avoided by collective will, common sense and diplomacy. A peaceful solution to the conflicts between countries is always the most desirable option in order to achieve peace and prosperity among nations.

Haarlem Diplomats Walking Tour

Diplomat Magazine organized a walking tour for diplomats with lawyer and historian from Haarlem Mr. Johannes Enschedé, a direct descendant of Izaak Enschedé, the first printer of Dutch bank notes in 1703.

Leonardo’s Faces – Gabor Balint

"I have had the opportunity to work during several diplomatic events ever since I started working in  the Promenade Hotel. According to my observations, diplomats value precision, punctuality and some ‘’sweet and short’’ conversation. I definitely had to push myself into rethinking and optimizing my time managing skills. Multitasking and flexibility turned out to be my most trusted aids." Gabor Balint.

Leonardo’s Faces – Fabio Gorel

Fabio Gorel, employee fo the year 2021. I guess my first impression was quite different from most employees here. My mother has been working at the hotel’s front desk for the past 34 years, so when I was younger, she would occasionally take me with her. I remember celebrating Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) when I was about 6 years old.

New Promenade Private Room for Embassies

After 3 months of renovation, Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is delighted to welcome you in their renewed lobby, restaurant & bar. One of...

Diplomats Wine and Spirits Extravaganza Edition 2021

At Diplomat Wine and Spirit Extravaganza embassies celebrated their wine and spirits industry at the soiree and used the occasion to promote their products to the Dutch market.

Peruvian Flavours, effective culinary diplomacy at his best

Peru, an ever-changing gastronomic kingdom, demonstrated its uniqueness during the Flavour Food Festival held this year in October at The Hague’s Leonardo Royal Hotel....

Leonardo’s Faces – Sido de Brabander

Chef Sido de Brabander is the main figure of all international food festival at Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague. "the kitchen is my second home ". Because of all the traveiling I did around the world plus my interest in the different kitchens all around the world, I learned a lot about having respect for food, and the way you treat it. I believe that we have a lot to learn in the Netherlands about respect for (good) food. For example, in Italy they say: “You live to eat, you don’t eat to live.”

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