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FINE ARTS. When color is the subject.

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By Céline Seror, founder of ARTNESS.

Born with the need to express herself through paint, French artist Céline Huon has restlessly been painting about the emotions and experiences of her life.

Her fascination for colors was the origin her work – even before the first line was drawn. After she graduated from the ‘Ecole des Beaux Arts’ of Paris, she kept on using color as the core source of her inspiration. Influenced by the work of Iraqi painter Abraham Haddad, her figurative paintings represents recognizable characters.

The apparent quietness of colors transparencies in Huon’s work rapidly leaves space to the uncovering of a unique intensity and strength. The game of colors and textures guide us gently but with confidence to the emotions of the artist.

Her singular itinerary includes a series of exhibitions for private collectors in France and the Philippines as well as a remarked collaboration with Hermès in Paris for whom she created amazing ‘carré’ scarfs.

Discover Céline Huon’s work on: ARTNESS

ARTNESS is proud to represent the work of Céline Seror and will soon coordinate a show for the artist. To schedule a private or group viewing of her work, feel free to contact Céline Seror at or +31 6 50 29 67 65

ARTNESS is an art agency located in Amsterdam aiming at: -representing new works of art through a portfolio of renowned and emerging artists, -advising private and corporate collectors on the choice of their next art acquisition, -coordinating art-related projects such as artist studio visits, workshops, publications and events across the world.


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