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By Drs. Eva Maria Elisabeth Mennes.

Do you ever go to Rotterdam for an exposition or for shopping? If you don’t, you should!

In the last three years the shop MPM of Pilar Montes, just behind the town hall is a well known secret. The unique collection of bijoux and jewelry and the warm welcome make Pilar and her shop well loved. She knows to find a jewel for every woman. The MPM by Pilar Montes celebrated last November 21 it’s third year of success. bagClients from Rotterdam as well as internationals and personal shoppers find her shop to complete an outfit. Passion and a sense of beauty are her secrets. Pilar and her team advise her clientele very personally. Everybody can find something that enhances her beauty. Pilar: “ All ingredients have to fit, as everything in life. Don’t dress according to your age, but see to it that your dress, your make up and your jewelry make a stylish impression all together.Don’t overdo it. It also depends on the outfit you wear. Sometimes few jewelry is desired, sometimes a flashing power jewel and sometimes a mix.” She has a dashing collection of ear hangers and holes are even not necessary. “We have a big collection of clips even of hangers. You can try them on to see how they suit you. At the moment we also see a retro look of the fifties coming back in the different designs.” The taste of the time is more decorative. A collection of silver, gold, white gold and rosé gold can be found at MPM. Half precious stones are very much in demand. For personal advise like for a gala or a wedding you can make an appointment. earringsTake a picture of your dress with you and Pilar sees to it that you shine with a big jewel to make a statement or a fine, delicate model. Timeless bijoux and jewels with character you find at MPM by Pilar Montes. And if you have time left, don’t forget the beautiful museums of Rotterdam.

MPM by Pilar Montes

Westewagenstraat 56


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