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Harder Line for EU Energy Supply

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The Hague. Direct from the European Commission.

Energy security: Commission proposes broad strategy to increase supply.

In response to the current geopolitical situation and the dependence on energy imports into the EU, the Commission proposes a new European energy security strategy.
The main points of which are
  • the diversification of the external power supply,
  • update the energy infrastructure, and
  • energy saving.
The strategy also emphasizes the need to coordinate national decisions in the field of energy policy and the importance of speaking with one voice in negotiations with external partners. The Strategy builds on the progress already made ​​since the gas crisis of 2009.
For this winter to be uninterrupted energy supply, assured the Commission proposes to organize.Broad risk (stress tests) Carried out at regional or EU level by simulating an interruption of the gas supply. The objective is to examine how the energy of the risks associated with the supply copes and develop contingency plans based on that and develop. Backup systems Such systems could mean that the gas be increased demand for gas is reduced (especially for heating), that emergency infrastructure is developed, for example, by completing the bidirectional capacity through fuel switching and existing energy security stocks partly be used jointly .
The Commission’s proposals will be discussed. By the Heads of State and Government of the EU at the European Council on 26 and 27 June
José Manuel Barroso, President of the Commission:… “The EU has done a lot in the wake of the gas crisis of 2009 to improve energy security Nevertheless, the EU remains vulnerable Tensions around Ukraine have this once again made ​​clear since we for more than 50% dependent on imports of energy, we need to take further steps., the Commission has today presented a comprehensive strategy that is being discussed. by EU leaders in June I count on their support, since the improvement of energy security is in all our interests. Europe must speak with one voice and act as a unit when it comes to energy security. “
European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger: “We want strong and stable partnerships with key suppliers, but should prevent us from falling prey to commercial blackmail the EU and its Member States have much homework to do:., We must collectively more solidarity with the vulnerable States., we also need to complete the internal market for energy, improve our infrastructure, energy efficient and our own energy resources exploitation. Moreover, we need to diversify rapidly in our external energy suppliers, especially gas. only concrete actions will slightly lash out. “


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