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Bruno van den Elshout at Panomara Mesdag

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3093-051 NL Panorama Mesdag opening-DPFrom 10 November 2014 through 1 March 2015, Panorama Mesdag in The Hague will be displaying the New Horizons project by artist Bruno van den Elshout (The Hague, 1979). It is a photo project that takes a fresh look at a world-famous view: the horizon of the Dutch North Sea.

In 2012, Bruno van den Elshout took a photo of the North Sea horizon every day and every hour over the course of one year. He took these pictures from a fixed spot: the roof of NH Atlantic Hotel in Kijkduin. The result is a collection of 8785 atmospheric impressions of the sea and sky in all possible variations: moon-lit nights, autumn storms, sunset glows, and winter clouds in a spectre of colours. From this immense collection of horizon photographs, Panorama Mesdag will be presenting a selection of 23 works.

Living and working close to the hustle and bustle of the city, Bruno van den Elshout saw a way to escape the hectic pace of daily life by capturing the intriguing horizon. Working with technical

photographer Roelof de Vries, he converted a single lens reflex camera positioned on the hotel rooftop into a clever all-weather machine with a heater and a windscreen wiper that can take images as wide as 2 metres, creating breathtakingly beautiful results.

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