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Welcome new ambassadors !

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On Wednesday December 17th the last new ambassador in The Hague of 2014 presented his credentials to the King: H.E. Mr Carlos Herrera Rodriquez (1961) of Peru, the successor of H.E. Mr. Allen Wagner who served such a long time in The Hague.

The new ambassador studied law and international relations in Peru and Paris and started his diplomatic career in 1984. He worked in Lima, France, Ecuador, USA and again Paris (also UNESCO). The Hague is his first posting as an ambassador abroad.

He wrote not only about diplomacy but also nine fiction books.He was the last of 26 new ambassadors in The Hague who presented his credentials in 2014.

Before him, The Hague welcomed that year new ambassadors from six EU countries (Spain, Malta, Belgium, Ireland, France and Hungary), three from EU candidates (Turkey, Macedonia and Albania) and two other European countries (Belarus and Switzerland), as well as seven from North, Middle and South America (USA, Chile, Panama, Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru), five from Asia and the Middle East (apart from Turkey that has already been mentioned: Qatar, Bangladesh, Iran, Georgia and Korea), two from Africa (Ghana and South Africa) as well as a new ambassador of New Zealand.

In 2014 I informed you in Diplomat Magazine briefly about each of them.

The new year 2015 started with two new ambassadors on January 21st .

H.E. Dr. Obaidullah Obaid (1968) from Afghanistan who is a medical doctor. He worked until 2010 in the Ministry of Health and in the Kabul Medical University, lately as the Dean of that University. In 2010 he became ambassador in Iran, but two years later he was appointed the Cabinet Minister for Higher Education in Afghanistan.

H.E. Mr Abdulaziz Abdullah Abohaimed (1961) is the new ambassador of Saudi Arabia, who studied political sciences in the USA. He started at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh in 1989 and served as a diplomat in Paris and Singapore as well. The Hague is his first posting as an ambassador.

All the new ambassadors are most welcome in the what several Secretary Generals of the United Nations called: The Hague, the Legal Capital of the World !


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