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Monthly Archives: June, 2022

Hellenic-Kazakh Business Council launched in Greece

The Hellenic -Kazakh Business Councill main purpose of the body is to promote Kazakh-Hellenic cooperation in the areas of trade and investment, tourism, culture and other spheres by establishing appropriate contacts, as well as advising interested organizations on the specifics of the Kazakh and Greek economies.

Cigars Rum Coffee Boleros Extravaganza

By Roy Lie Atjam A Cigars, Rum, Coffee, Bolero Night in The Hague. It all started with a passion for cigars, rum, coffee and bolero. Consequently,...

Two options for Zelensky

The Influx of Ukrainian refugees have become higher and higher in different European countries.Every day Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has cried for more western weapons and for imposing extensive sanction on Russia.

Dr. Gutmann heads to Kiel Week

the U.S. Ambassador in Germany,Ā Dr Amy Gutmann, took the opportunity to become acquainted with Germany's northernmost federal state, and paid an inaugural visit to the State Chancellery in the capital of Kiel, wherein she was received by PremierĀ Daniel GĆ¼nther.

Malu Dreyer and Ambassador Amy Gutmann emphasize importance of transatlantic relations

PremierĀ Malu DreyerĀ received the novel U.S. AmbassadorĀ Dr. Amy GutmannĀ for her inaugural visit to the State Chancellery and talked about the consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine, cooperation with U.S. forces, BioNTech and Pfizer in the development and production of the Corona vaccine.

Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia become members of joint investigation team on alleged core international crimes in Ukraine

The judicial authorities of Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia will become members of the joint investigation team (JIT) on alleged core international crimes, which has been set up with the support of Eurojust.

First event hosted at Azerbaijan’s Cultural Centre in Berlin Tiergarten

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany hosted a concert and a subsequent reception in commemoration of 28thĀ MayĀ Independence Day. The event took place at the newly opened Azerbaijan Cultural Centre, a cultural wing of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Germany.

ICC terminates proceedings agains Mahmoud Musayf Al-Wefall

ICC terminates proceedings against Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf Al-Werfalli following confirmation of his passing.

Focus group of prosecutors specialized in human trafficking meets for the first time

Organized by the European Commission, together with Eurojust, the first informal meeting of the focus group of specialised prosecutors against trafficking in human beings brought together prosecutors and judges from the European Union Member States.

EU and US foster cooperation against ransomware attacks

Ransomware has become a global problem that requires cooperation on a worldwide level. Judicial experts and practitioners from the European Union and the United States participated in a two-day workshop in The Hague organised by Eurojust and the U.S. Department of Justice.

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