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Reflecting on the Success of the Curacao Experience

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In an exclusive interview with Diplomat Magazine, Minister Carlson Manuel of Curacao offered insights into the triumph of the Curacao Experience, “an extraordinary diplomatic journey that aimed at fostering stronger diplomatic ties and exploring avenues for collaboration and prosperity.”

Inspired by a vision to bring the world to Curacao and transform ambassadors into advocates for the island, Minister Manuel outlined the primary objectives of the Curacao Experience. Central to its mission was the goal of strengthening ties between countries, fostering a sense of unity, and nurturing enduring connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Reflecting on the journey, Minister Manuel highlighted key moments and interactions that defined the Curacao Experience. “Participants were immersed in Curacao’s vibrant culture, engaged in interactive sessions, and formed a tight-knit community akin to family during their time on the island, sharing experiences and forging deep connections.” 

The selection process for ambassadors proved to be a meticulous endeavor,. “Selecting ambassadors was challenging, prioritizing countries with the greatest potential for collaboration and those geographically close to Curacao.” While the inaugural trip accommodated 25 ambassadors, Minister Manuel expressed:  “it was difficult because I wanted to invite them all. Next Curacao Experience, I will aim to accommodate more participants to expand the reach and impact of the initiative.”

Among the sectors identified for collaboration, green energy, agriculture, trade, and tourism emerged as areas of mutual interest for participating countries. The carefully curated agenda seamlessly blended informative sessions with practical work visits, providing ambassadors with an immersive experience that deepened their understanding of Curacao’s strengths and potential for partnership.

Looking ahead, Minister Manuel envisions tangible outcomes arising from the relationships forged during the Curacao Experience. Increased trade, investment, and cultural exchange are anticipated to drive mutual prosperity and growth, laying the foundation for enduring collaboration between Curacao and its partners.

To sustain the momentum generated by the trip, Minister Manuel said “regular communication with ambassadors and follow-ups on initiatives from the trip are planned aiming to solidify partnerships and expand cooperation in the months and years to come.”

Reflecting on lessons learned, Minister Manuel emphasized the importance of transparent communication, stakeholder engagement, and the transformative power of experiential learning in fostering cooperation. In conclusion, the success of the Curacao Experience underscores the transformative potential of diplomacy in forging meaningful connections and paving the way for a brighter future of collaboration and growth.

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