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DIPLOMAT MAGAZINE is the very first diplomatic magazine in the Netherland´s history, launched by the diplomatic corps of the Hague on June 19th, 2013. Nowadays, it is the fastest growing publication of its kind in the European Union and a top national and international diplomatic events organizer. 

We already reached (up to January 2018) +73,000 monthly clicks and followers Online (85% from the Netherlands only). Everyone has free access to Diplomat Magazine. 

Diplomatic is a ¨Stichting¨, a Dutch not-for-profit organization. 

Our successful glossy-printed bi-annual editionshttps://diplomatmagazine.eu/printed-editions-pdf/ 

Key media corporations support our events and magazine in large scale. Herein, only some illustrations: https://issuu.com/diploflying/docs/009_hcv2qu_20180530_adn02_00_orig


Several foreign governments have requested our printing and design services to deliver special editions for special occasions:

The renowned Dutch newspaper, NRC Weekend, Saturday, November 16th, 2013, page 27, announces Diplomat Magazine as top news highlighting our publication amongst the most significant events of the year in the diplomatic milieu of the Netherlands.

We aim to promote the diffusion of diplomatic and international relations, including academic and social diplomatic issues. Our staff is composed of volunteer contributing writers from the Netherlands and abroad. We have encouraged Dutch citizens to join our team. We have supported non-diplomats to develop their relationships with the diplomatic corps, international organizations, NGOs, the academia, corporations and the like, e.g.: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2016/07/09/dm-summer-fall-edition/

This subscription-free monthly-Online non-profit magazine in The Netherlands is available to Diplomats, Dutch Government officials and the public in general.  Our contributing writers and staff consist of ambassadors, dignitaries, members of Parliament, professors from recognized universities, International relations researchers, and the like.

Likewise, Diplomat Magazine has its printed-luxury edition since early November 2014, with free distribution to the diplomatic corps, international organizations, ministries and related stakeholders.


This is how everything started in June 2013: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2015/12/05/a-true-diplomatic-story/

Editorial, ambassadorial and academic articles are published Online on regular basis. They are the top five ambassadorial articles. “Diplomatic news” is a daily section. “Diplomatic pouch” together with our ambassadorial articles are published the first Sunday of the month. However, all other Online sections, like our “Breaking news”, “Upcoming events”  and our very successful “Recent events”  are updated on daily basis. With a lesser extension, some other sections can receive new inputs on weekly bases, such as our “Travel”, “Culture & events”, and our “Business” sections.

It is not a coincidence that Diplomat Magazine was born in June 2013. We paid special attention to make it happen the year of Investiture of His Majesty, King Willem-Alexander and during the centennial celebrations of the Carnegie Foundation, which we fully supported.

Moreover, since February 2015, Diplomat Magazine has added to its diplomatic repertoire a new high-level academic publication, namely, Border Crossing. It is a complimentary Online magazine that can be found on our top-right menu.

Diplomat Magazine is the conception of top Dutch ICT-designer professionals and the volunteer action from international relations researchers, the academia, foreign affairs experts, local NGOs, diplomatic ministers, selected Dutch voluntary journalists, professional photographers, Dutch and international lawyers, notaries, public servants, fine arts gurus, and last but not least, the honorary and kind-heatedly participation of ambassadors and  senior diplomats accredited to The Kingdom of the Netherlands and abroad. Diplomat Magazine was officially launched by heads of diplomatic missions from Canada, Vietnam, Bolivia, Japan and especially by Dr. Eugenio Matos Gomez, Minister Counselor(2009-2014) who also acted as Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Dominican Republic Embassy in The Hague.


Be a partner of  Diplomat Magazine offers more than advertising, but participation in some of our diplomatic social events as well.

The 1st Diplomatic Gastronomic Festival. https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2016/05/25/great-day-at-1st-diplomats-food-festival/OUR DIPLOMATS MEET&GREET

Invitation Sample for our Diplomats Meet&GreetCuba Diplomats Meet & Greet

Croatia Diplomats Meet&Greethttps://diplomatmagazine.eu/2014/07/06/croatia-diplomats-meetgreet/

Cyprus Diplomats Meet&Greethttps://diplomatmagazine.eu/2014/05/11/cyprus-best/

Dominican Republic Diplomats Meet&Greet: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2014/04/06/8613/

President of Kosovo in Kosovo Diplomats Meet&Greet: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2013/12/21/president-kosovo-pays-visit-diplomat-club-hague/
Diplomat Magazine (DM)  is a novel concept of diplomatic publications in Europe. Inside its founders, the philosophy of a multitask publication was part of Diplomat Magazine roots since early 2013, which includes the organization of diplomatic and social events, from concerts, to art exhibits, sports activities and the like. Diplomat Magazine is the most active publication in the Netherlands in terms of annual events._____________________________________________

Organize regular top level diplomatic events is the idea of our initial founders since March, 2013.   Diplomats Meet & Greet is presented every month at Carlton Ambassador Hotel by Diplomat Magazine and stakeholders.https://diplomatmagazine.eu/?s=certificate+recognition


Diplomat Magazine is regularly consulted by Head of Diplomatic Missions, diplomats, International Organizations and the private sector and NGOs to support them in an array of issues, such as marketing and promotional tools, co-organize cultural events, National Days, International Trade Missions, special events and festivals.


“The launching of Diplomat Magazine in The Hague marked an epoch in diplomatic life in the Netherlands, dividing diplomacy in this city into two eras,  before and after Diplomat Magazine”, expressed a career ambassador from Central America accredited to the Netherlands.“Diplomat Magazine’s professional looking, its content and philosophy is a milestone for the City of Peace and Justice, it is an opportunity for us to express our opinion and point of view in this country, starting by freely writing our own articles” said another Ambassador from Asia accredited to the Netherlands.

A prominent Dutch newspaper, ‘De Telegraaf’  highlighted our inaugural diplomatic reception, which took place at Carlton Ambassador Hotel on June 19th, in the presence of forty ambassadors and 160 special guests. Click here to open the ‘De Telegraaf’: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/wp-content/uploads/Telegraaf-Diplomaten-op-internet.jpg

Another publication from De Telegraaf covering our successful programmes:  telegraaf 6-3-2014


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Diplomat Magazine’s sponsors and donors mainly contribute to organize some of our diplomatic events and programmes, cover some of our basic expenses and special gatherings. You as our sponsor will be a special guest to attend our diplomatic events, a novel way to promote your business amongst diplomats and top entrepreneurs.

All members of our staff are volunteers, with honorary posts,  including the inputs and volunteer help that we kindly receive from members of the diplomatic corps, Dutch public servants, NGOs, EU official representatives, members of Parliament, International organizations,  municipalities and citizens around the world.



We cordially request readers NOT to contact members of our volunteer staff (including our diplomats) at their personal residence or regular work. Please proceed to do so via email to  publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu   they will email or call you as soon as possible. Our staff, thus volunteers, our contributing writers and honorary contributors ARE NOT responsible for articles published by other writers or members of the diplomatic corps. Each writer is responsible for his-her own article, including those written by members of our staff. They are independent of the opinion of Diplomat Magazine itself. The invitations to write for us and the final selection of articles to be published in Diplomat Magazine is under the exclusive power of our Communication Department and editors. Diplomat Magazine is a Dutch foundation (a non-profit institution). We promote freedom of speech and general civil rights in the Netherlands. Each person mentioned in our colophon is a volunteer for Diplomat Magazine. 

All rights reserved in this magazine.
Our contributing writers are allowed to publish their inputs in other publications without our permission but shall indicate Diplomat Magazine’s link and reference.


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO SPONSORS:  Events organized by Diplomat Magazine can be postponed or cancelled without previous advice, without prejudice to Diplomat Magazine.

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VERY IMPORTANT FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS AND CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Diplomat Magazine reserves the right to delete the name of contributing writers and keep their articles without their credits, this without previous advice and without prejudice for our publication.  Contributing writers or volunteers shall send in writing to publisher@diplomatmagazine.eu   if they decide not to be part anymore of the volunteer staff or contributing writer of Diplomat Magazine. Please read “Our volunteer staff ” section published in our “Contact us’ menu.