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By Karin O’Flynn, President IWC. 

International Women’s Contact The Hague looks into European History in a lecture  about the role and influence of Royal Dynasties at the beginning of the 20th Century.


IWC Guest Speaker, Malcolm Ewans , is passionate about history and enjoys delving into  topics that are controversial and not always part of standard history books. In former meetings he unfolded   the “Shakespeare Conspiracy “ or  questioned the “Wagner Cult”

In his presentation “The Royal Sunset” he shows in a truly entertaining way, connections between different European Royal families at the start of the 20th and how this influenced politics at the time. His talks are full of astonishing facts, his theories are always backed up by clear facts and his interpretation of history thought provoking.

An interested audience of about 140 IWC members and their guests , al l ladies  with an international background , followed his lecture with pleasure and had a lively discussion afterwards

Monthly lectures on a wide range of topics reaching from art, over history , science and much more , are only one activity on the program,  the International Women’s contact has to offer . Special interests groups meet for excursion, sports and many other activities. The International Women’s Contact, with more than 300 members representing around 50 different nationalities,   is a social club, that promotes cultural understanding and exchange.

For more information on the current program browse through the IWC website. New members are most welcome.






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