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Integrity and Good Governance

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DIPLOMAT MAGAZINE “For diplomats, by diplomats” Reaching out the world from the European Union First diplomatic publication based in The Netherlands Founded by members of the diplomatic corps on June 19th, 2013. Diplomat Magazine is inspiring diplomats, civil servants and academics to contribute to a free flow of ideas through an extremely rich diplomatic life, full of exclusive events and cultural exchanges, as well as by exposing profound ideas and political debates in our printed and online editions.

About how to regain the pleasure of a job well done at the service of society.

By Henk Bruning, author International expert and trainer Integrity, Good Governance and HRM.

Professional dilemma: Dutch Government criticizes your country? As a diplomat you recognize this but you know it is a sensitive issue in your country? Do you honestly express your opinion to your government? To strengthen and recover peoples’ confidence in Government is an actual objective for many governments and their diplomats. The image of public administration and elected politicians is not positive everywhere. That hurts, because the majority of politicians and civil servants have good intentions in serving and improving society. However, it’s not easy to prevent conflicts of interest, to explain clearly taking decisions in case of moral dilemmas and to maintain integrity in public organisations.

In July 2013 publisher Adams published a new book about integrity, good governance and human resources management in Madrid. The book (136 pages) is a clear and inspiring invitation to politicians and professional civil servants to discuss and to improve the integrity. It is not much of a secret that many dilemmas arise from different positions and the difficulty to cooperate. Politics and professionalism sometimes clash. The book is very practical due to the proven experience of the author in public administration in different countries. The description of recognizable situations, and how to handle difficult and doubtful problems makes the book a kind of cook book for strengthening integrity. To send a clear message is the common responsibility and joint effort of both elected politicians and professional civil servants for the integrity of their organisations, not only for the benefit of society but also for the well-being and happiness of its servants and diplomats.

Original title: Integridad y Buen Gobierno. Sobre cómo recuperar el placer del trabajo

bien hecho al servicio de la sociedad.

ISBN: 978-84-9025-556-8


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