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1 billion for Ukraine

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1 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine.
Directly from the European Commission.
The European Commission today presented a proposal for macro-financial assistance to Ukraine in the form of 1 billion in loans over the medium term. This proposal is likely to be approved by the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks and is part of the large aid package (11 billion), the European Council has already approved on March 6.
Olli Rehn, Vice-President of the European Commission, said: “It is in the essential interest of Ukraine and of the EU to maintain peace and political and financial stability in our continent This financial aid will help in stabilizing sing the worsening financial situation in Ukraine and. Therefore will be one vital part of Achieving a solution to the crisis. “
This support will help Ukraine with a part of his urgent external financing needs in the context of the Stability and reform program currently being prepared with the assistance of the IMF.
These micro-financial assistance is funded by the EU capital market lending, which in turn are “lent” to Ukraine.
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