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Grenada: Isle of Spice

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By H.E. C. J. Augustine-Kanu, Ambassador of Grenada and Permanent Representative to the European Union, Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium.

Grenada is a tri-island state that is known interchangeably as ‘The Isle of Spice’ or the “Spice Isle.’ She has two sister islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Grenada is nestled in between the islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines to the north and Trinidad and Tobago to the south in the eastern Caribbean Sea, West Indies.

Grenada’s rich history dates back to the early Carib and Arawak Native Indians who originally inhabited the island. During the course of her history, Grenada was first ruled by Spain in 1498, then France then lastly by the United Kingdom.

On February 7, 1974, Grenada gained her independence from the British. Currently, Grenada is a Commonwealth country under a constitutional monarchy. The Head of State is HRH Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Governor General of Grenada is Dame Cecile La Grenade. The Prime Minister of Grenada is Dr. The Right Honourable Keith C. Mitchell who has been in power since 2013 and previously served as Prime Minister from 1995-2008.

Population, size and investing

The population of Grenada is approximately 108,000 and the island is 344 square km or 133 square miles. Grenada’s top exports are spices: nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, non-fillet fresh fish, cocoa beans, bananas, other exotic fruits, fresh agri-produce and vegetables. Grenada soon will be producing organic shrimp and other seafood products through a new sustainable aquaculture project that was recently launched.

Investing in Grenada is a seamless process, “…the country’s economic structure is highly diversified based on the contribution of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, construction, communications, transportation and government”, as mentioned by the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation. GIDC – is the first stop for all investors to the island whether it is for real estate purchases, health, agriculture, or even trade / commerce projects. Grenada is ready to assist with all investment inquires, needs, retail / manufacture space and employee requirements in a safe and stable environment.

Tourism / What to enjoy!

As a tropical island, the temperature hovers around 86 F with steady flow of cool island breeze and tall palm trees for shade. The island is a popular destination for tourists who arrive to the island by either plane, yacht or cruise ship. A visit to the The National Museum of Grenada right in the capital city of St. George’s, one can further learn about the history and culture of the tri-island nation.

Locals, as well as tourists, enjoy the world famous Grand Anse Beach located in the parish of St. George’s. There are 6 parishes in total which house both hotels and rentable villas. There are 45 white sand beaches, 9 black sand beaches and 1 pink sand beach called ‘Pink Gin Beach’ to relax and unwind on. Let’s not forget the all-inclusive award wining resorts as well.

If an adventure if more your vacation style, Grenada has some of the best diving locations in the Caribbean and the first underwater sculpture park, eco-tourism tours (which includes visits to the Grand Etang Rainforest, a zip line experience, hiking trails to the numerous waterfalls around the island), authentic Grenadian culinary experience tours, chocolate experience tours and of course, rum tasting tours where you can visit the actual distilleries to see first hand how rum is made plus so much more! Do visit the Grenada Tourism Authrotiy website at for further information on the exciting experience of visiting Grenada.


Additional information: Embassy of Grenada Avenue Louise 120 – 1st Floor 1050 Brussels Kingdom of Belgium

Tel:   +32 2 342 22 23

Fax:   +32 2 342 22 24




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