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The International School of The Hague – Walks 4 Water with Sister Schools.

On Wednesday, 19 March at 9:00 650 students from years 4-9 will set off from The International School of The Hague (ISH) to Walk4Water. Each student will walk a total of 6 kilometers carrying 3 – 6 liters of water to raise money and awareness for children in Bangladesh, in the same week as World Water Day (21/3). This year, ISH students will be accompanied by students from their Rijnlands Lyceum sister schools; ENMS (EersteNederlandsMontessoriSchool) and ESH (European School The Hague).

In many developing countries women and children spend many hours per day walking in order to get water, which in many cases is not even clean water. The Max Foundation would like to change this together with the Aqua for All Foundation. Aqua for All ,joined by water companies and municipal water authorities, have developed initiatives to provide clean drinking water and introduce proper sanitation in developing countries. The Max Foundation aims to prevent child mortality through local WASH projects in Bangladesh. A combination of WAter wells, Sanitation (latrines) and Hygiene education is the most effective and most cost efficient way to combat child mortality and at the same time give small town communities perspective on the future.

All money raised through this fundraising initiative will be used by the Max Foundation for its sanitation projects in Bangladesh. The Max Foundation will be able to build a water sanitation complex at schools in Bangladesh.  This means that with your help these students will have safe water, toilets and education about hygiene.  For more information please visit the websites: and

Last year the ISH walked with 4 year groups, raising a total of €4367,- With help and sponsorship from family members and the wider community we hope to raise even more this year.


Ingrid McKenna

Assistant Principal Year 5 & 6


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