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Skating rink opens at Scheveningen

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Photography: Jim Hoogendorp

Cool Event opens skating rink and ice slide at Scheveningen

The 8th edition of  Cool Event Scheveningen opened by singer Nurlaila Karim and Walbroek Heino, Marketing Director of  Scheveningen Foundation.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the  600 m2 ice rink on Kurhausplein, just in front of the Kurhaus Hotel, Nurlaila Karim and Crazy Piano performer gave a preview of her new theater show “Four Tina”.  The ice rink is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Cool Event Scheveningen will also open from  December 4, the “Palace Fun Slide” a 30 meter long ice slide on the boulevard placed opposite the Pier. The heated terraces of restaurants around the square offer the perfect place to take a break and enjoy winter drinks and food.  

Cool Event offers special packages for schools, clubs, holiday groups, nurseries and B (N) SO. Groups can rent skates and enjoy a hot chocolate for only € 3.00 per person. For more information:






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